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MEDINORM® LVS (Low Vacuum System) is a postoperative, wound drainage system and its unique feature is the use of a constant low suction force. The constant suction in combination with a low suction force promotes the wound healing, removes heavier exudates and reduces large areas of dead space.

  • MEDINORM LVS has an approximate pressure of -150mmHg and is indicated for surgical procedures where postoperative drainage of blood from wounds and body cavities is required.
  • MEDINORM LVS provides a low vacuum available in 600ml only.
  • MEDINORM LVS NG™ provides a low vacuum (-100mmHg) available in 600ml, 400ml and 200ml bottles. Available in a choice of one or two drains and PUR and PVC options.
  • MINI BELLOW a 40ml suction bellow, with stepped connector complete with drain and trocar.

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