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Surgical Lighting

KLARO is a deep-cavity surgical LED lighting device for open surgery use. It is discreet, easy to use and provides bright, uniform and localised “flood-lighting” from within the surgical site. KLARO maintains a safe and cool working temperature suited for  use inside the human body regardless of the luminous intensity selected.

Ultrasonic Cement Removal

TORS is the newest ultrasonic system for bone cement removal. The use of innovative, patented technologies enable a significantly more effective, gentler, and safer bone cement removal than comparable systems on the market. The newly designed probes increase the effectiveness of cement removal, and thus, reduces operating theatre working time. The well-engineered system has extremely stable functionality and performance, as well as easy and comfortable handling.

EZX Acetabular Hip Cup Removal System

The EZX design allows easy access for the removal uncemented acetabular cups during hip revision surgery. The system utilizes powered technology with a single rotating blade to reduce surgical procedural time and the risk of acetabular fractures. The 29 blade options make a precise cut with predictable results to minimize bone loss.

Preformed Antibiotic Spacers

TECRES preformed antibiotic loaded spacers are indicated as temporary prosthetic replacements for septic revision procedures. Having proven mechanical properties TECRES preformed antibiotic loaded spacers allow patients to deambulate with partial weight bearing and they are clinically proven to have a prolonged antibiotic elution profile.

Cementation Products

We are proud to offer over 25+ years of vacuum bone cement mixing device experience, delivered across 40 countries. Our HIVAC7™ Bowl offers a uniquely geared rotational axis and clear mixing chamber ensuring optimal cement mixing. Our HIVAC7™ Syringe is simple and easy to use, inclusive of an intuitive delivery gun.

Pulse Lavage

Our single-use high pressure Pulsed Lavage system effectively cleans bone and removes debris during total joint procedures, increasing cement penetration into the cancellous bone for potentially stronger implant fixation and reduced revision rates. It is also an effective mechanical debridement system for cleaning wounds, removing dirt, necrotic tissue and debris.

Infection Protection Systems

The ViVi® infection protection helmet delivers comfortable protection and optimal performance in the operating theatre. Lightweight at only 370g. Touchless 2 speed-fan system maximises comfort and minimises contamination. Available with or without a surgical light.

Periprosthetic Joint Infection Diagnostic

A new advanced, diagnostic aid that helps orthopaedic surgeons identify the risk of periprosthetic joint infection (PJI). The Lyfstone Calprotectin test is easy to use and delivers reliable results in just 15 minutes.

Dual Mobility – Hip

The SERF dual mobility cup has been shown to significantly reduce the incidence of dislocation in patients at higher risk following primary or revision total hip arthroplasty. Both cemented and uncemented options are available.

Instrument Systems

Offering excellent convenience, versatility and performance the MicroAire® product family is made up of a series of small and large bone powered instruments, available in a choice of power sources including pneumatic, electric and battery.

Autologous Blood Drainage Systems

Donor is an autologous blood collection and re-infusion product which is a post-operative device, designed to provide clinicians with the facility to safely re-infuse post-operatively collected blood through a series of filtration.

Wound Drains

The MEDINORM closed wound drainage pre-vacuumed systems provide a constant negative pressure during the wound healing process. Available with an anti-reflux valve, easy to read vacuum status, evacuated fluid status strip and proven, robust bottles to prevent breakages.